British Asian Festival

I went to the British Asian Festival last week which was presented by Rifco Arts and Watford Palace Theatre. I’m a huge fan of Rifco’s – they are a British Asian Theatre Company that “develops and creates vibrant, accessible and high quality theatre which reflects and celebrates the contemporary British Asian experience”. Basically they put on some brilliant shows which combine a bit of the Brit and Asian to appeal to all.

I have to admit I’ve never been to an arts festival before so was not really sure what to expect. There were a few famous faces but I resisted the urge to run up to them and ask for a selfie. (Although I did take one picture of my friend with a celeb in the background!).

It was a really well organised event with exhibitions of artwork and photography and live music. I even bought my first ever piece of artwork for my front room – I’m hoping it will be something of a talking piece opposite the obligatory baby and graduation pictures. If you’ve never been to anything like this before, I can only describe it as something you would see the Desi Rascals (RIP) attending.

Artwork by Inkquisitive

I suppose I would describe it as a bit “arty” for the uninitiated like me. I pondered the artwork for as long as I could but then wasn’t really sure what to do next so just put my hand on my chin and nodded my head a bit while looking around.

I do have to say it was a great experience seeing so many British Asians getting together to celebrate their contribution to the arts and getting the community involved. I would definitely want to attend more events like this and support talented people. I think it’s really important to recognise that British Asians are making contributions to all parts of British life and that we spread the word about the culture and diversity we all bring.

The Singh Project by Amit and Naroop
The Singh Project by Amit and Naroop



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