Valentines Day

Christmas is over. We have all forgotten our new years’ resolutions. Next on the calendar is Valentines Day. Now the husband and I haven’t really celebrated this for the last few years but as we are now making more effort with our relationship, we both decided to mark the event. With a card and present. Nothing too fancy when there are children around.

He went to the trouble of ordering me a personalised photo card of the family. Very thoughtful. I was appreciative, of course. Unfortunately I can’t say it was a surprise as he left the order screen open on the computer when he ordered it. Strange from the man who ALWAYS deletes his internet history that on this occasion he forgot! I was also given a rose – perfect Valentines gift!  Not very imaginative but he is a man so I can let that go.

I, on the other hand, rushed to the supermarket on Saturday night with the kids looking for a card and gift. There wasn’t much choice at 9pm but we struck lucky with a decent card. I am a big fan of practical gifts so I went straight for the mugs on offer. There was the choice of one saying ‘you’ll do, I suppose” – not really appropriate as we are trying to get our marriage back on track after a rocky patch. The other one had little pink hearts on it. Perfect – he drinks tea so now he can use his new Valentines mug.

But, not to be stingy, I went looking for another gift and as a family we agreed on some Simpsons socks. (Again practical). My 4 year old insisted her dad’s favourite things were Moshi Monsters related. I doubt he had ever heard of Moshi Monsters so this advice I ignored.

The next day we went to the supermarket (for an actual food shop this time) and I noticed everything was half priced. We missed a trick, I told him. We should have bought our gifts today. We could have got double the gifts for the same money!

Who says romance is dead!


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