The art of martial arts

J1 has been going to Karate lessons for nearly a year now and today she won her first medal for sparring. She beat her opponent every single time in the lesson. *Proud mom alert.* She absolutely loves her lessons and has really improved her performance week on week.

To give you some idea of her personality she is not very outgoing but quite shy and sensitive. However, she has really come out of her shell since learning karate. In all honesty, I wanted her to do some sort of extra curricular activity but one that was convenient to me and as this was a 5 min walk from our house, I suggested we try it. She loved it.

Today I got talking to the Sensei after the lesson about promoting karate in local schools. I think this is a fantastic idea. Childhood obesity is a massive problem and a recent report stated that it often leads to physical and mental health issues later in life including depression, diabetes and heart problems.

Karate is a fantastic way to keep children fit and active, develop new skills, build confidence and make new friends. It’s a great activity for young people to get involved with outside school giving kids the chance to mix with new people. It also teaches discipline and improves interpersonal skills as students are mixing with others of different ages and abilities.

I would strongly recommend karate to any parent who wants their child to get involved in something a bit different but ultimately very rewarding.

“Martial Arts does not teach you how to fight, it teaches you why not to.”
― Lakshya Bharadwaj


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