Some reflection…

When I started my blog, my plan was to try and post at least one entry a month. This seemed small and manageable and I started off the year well. Then all of a sudden life got so busy that writing down my experiences just fell by the wayside.  I’m disappointed with myself for this but I’m going to try and stay more committed in future.

I think the really big event has been my my new job. I recently passed my 6 months probation and am now in full swing. It’s taken some time but I feel like I may have finally adjusted to working for a new employer after a really long time with the old one.

I am now working within a really supportive team where people genuinely care about each other and the job. It is in stark contrast to my experiences in recent years and when I think back to what my working conditions were like, I really can’t believe that I stuck it out so long.

That’s the problem when you get comfortable with someone or something. It makes it hard to walk away. You feel like you wouldn’t know what to do in a new situation or relationship and feel afraid of the unknown. But the grass is definitely greener for me and one of my current favourite sayings is “If you don’t try, you’ll never know”. This is so true.

I think it must be that as we get older our perspective really changes and we expect more out of life and I know so many people now who just won’t settle anymore for anything less than they deserve. I applaud this and really encourage people to go out and try something new. Another saying I live by is “if you don’t like it, change it”.  Life’s too short for anything other than pursing our dreams and surrounding ourselves with the people who lift us the highest.

With these thoughts in mind, I’ve made a lot of changes over the last 12 months and genuinely do feel happier. It’s amazing the difference a change makes. Now, I’m looking forward to many exciting times ahead.  Instead of wishing for something to change, I’m going out and changing anything in my life that doesn’t make me happy and so far, it’s going great!